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The Barbara-Hoffnung display mine - situated in the Nossertal Valley between Fell and Thomm consists of two typical, superposed roof-slate mines dating back to the turn of the century. More than 300,000 visitors have passed through it since it opened on 1 May 1997. Our underground tour runs for a full hour, at a constant temperature of 12 to 13°C.

The display mine is located right on the mine trail, which passes by 10 slate mines and quarries, and explains the history of mining in the Nossertal Valley.

As the starting point for the "Schiefer-Wacken-Weg"which is also known as the “dream loop” and forms part of the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig, the mine is perfect for hikes into the tributary valleys of the Moselle or along the old slate mines. Tour suggestions can be found here.

We’ve got creature comforts covered too, with our shop and "WeinStein" bistro offering a wide range of souvenirs, refreshments, select wines and snacks. Our terrace and slate-roofed pavilions are a great place to relax and unwind.

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Report from Marco Herrmann with beautiful pictures:Stille Strecken

Cooperation with the TRIOLAGO-FREIZEITSEE
  • Every family that visits the Fell Exhibition Slate Mine, receives 2 free tickets to the summer toboggan run at TRIOLAGO-FREIZEITSEE.

  • When submitting a ticket of summer toboggan run, the Fell Exhibition Mine offers 10% discount on normal admission prices.

  • In an accommodation booking at Triolago you can check in and will get a ticket with flyers for the Fell Exhibition Slate Mine as a gift.

The translation of our website was financially supported by the Foundation "Zukunft des Landkreises Trier Saarburg". For this we would like to thank Mr. Günter Schartz, District Administrator of the Landkreis Trier-Saarburg.

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