What you can book and experience at our display mine
  • Expert tours of the mine with
  • "Underground sunrise" experience
  • Slate processing demonstrations
  • Wine tastings at the info centre/museum or in the mine
  • Visits to the info centre/museum
  • Hikes along the mine trail
  • Trolley exhibitions
  • For children: the mine and mine trail hunt (included in admission fee, each child receives a small semiprecious stone as a prize)

You can arrange the catering for your excursion with our WeinStein bistro, which offers a wide range of food and drinks. Treat yourself with select wines from the Fellertal Valley and typical Moselle Franconian cuisine.

From the miners’ breakfast, to a full lunch menu with coffee and cake, to a wine tasting with ham and cheese sandwiches and much more – the culinary aspects of your day are completely up to you.

If you have any further ideas, questions or suggestions about your visit, please contact us. We will gladly work with you to plan a tailor-made experience!


Group/Company/Club excursions

Good times in a historic slate mine

High-quality slate was mined for centuries at numerous mines in the Nossertal Valley – 20 km east of Trier – and processed into the coveted blue roofing slate tiles. The former slate mine left behind a unique cultural landscape, shaped by mining and winegrowing. Numerous trolleys, waste heaps and tunnels in this idyllic setting today attest to the collapsed slate-mining industry.

Take your group on an exciting, social excursion in this unique environment at our historic roof slate mine, and enjoy an original, unforgettable day up close with nature!

Meet at the display mine. We’ll take care of the rest!

If you want to go on an interesting, recreational and varied excursion, without any great preparation, planning or hassle, you should take advantage of this affordable, al-inclusive offer. We’re all about fun, games, experiences, interaction and communication in an original environment! Please contact our staff, or pop in and see us in person beforehand! We look forward to seeing you!

Determine your own excursion duration!

By incorporating the hike (1-3 hours depending on route) and interactive visit (if desired), you can set the duration of your stay from approx. 3 ½ hours to “open ended”, based on your requirements.


School excursion to the Nossertal Valley

A day at the slate mine – A day in "slate’s soul"!

Good for students, good for the class!

An excursion to our historic roof slate mine provides your students with an unforgettable experience in a unique environment, both above and underground. In the Nossertal Valley, you’ll discover all kinds of old mining landscapes reclaimed by nature, with numerous historic tunnels and waste heaps, vineyards, and mixed forest. 70 m underground, you’ll experience the eerie, unusual atmosphere of a pre-industrial roof slate mine (duration of underground tour: approx. one full hour). Our programme of activities will also offer you and your students a short yet informative experience in a unique setting.

Teachers are provided with an information folder as preparation, while the mine and  mine trail hunts can be organised independently.

The event is held outdoors (open-air pavilions), so please bring weatherproof clothing!


Gold rush in Fell – Children’s birthdays at the slate mine (groups of at least 10 paying persons)

Child-friendly tour

We take your group on a child-friendly tour, teaching the children how the miners became dwarfs through factors such as child labour, an unbalanced diet, and back-breaking mining work. We’ll tell you why bats hibernate here in winter, and what the "fool’s gold" is all about. The birthday child will receive a large rubber bat as a souvenir, and the other children will receive a smaller one.

Gold washing at the mine well

The birthday child can then try their hand at washing "gold" (fool’s gold) at the mine well with a gold miner’s pan. Miners use the term wash to mean separating a mineral from the dead rock. The differing weights of the minerals create differing levels of buoyancy in the water, enabling the sand to be washed out. The fool’s gold (pyrite) is a sulphur-iron compound which looks like gold. The birthday child will receive a test tube full of pyrite (with successful gold washing also guaranteed).

Treasure hunt in the mine

The children will look for semiprecious stones in the mine, which have been hidden by the mine guide beforehand.

Light snack/refreshment

Participants will then receive a hot dog and cold drink of lemonade, coke or juice (adults also have the option of a cup of coffee). A birthday cake can also be ordered.

You determine the duration of the visit!

By incorporating other game options or a hike along the mine trail (1-3 hours depending on route), you can set the duration of your stay from approx. 2 hours to “open ended”, based on your requirements.

There are lots of tunnels to discover along the trail running just near the mine. These will be of great interest to the children, so please bring along any torches you may have to allow the children to see into the dark, grilled tunnels.  You can also explore the Walli tunnel between the car park and info centre/mine.

Please bring weatherproof clothing and torch!