Hiking around the Nossertal Valley

The Nossertal Valley lies between the Eifel-Steig, Saar-Hunsrück-Steig, Moselsteig and the Ausonius-Fernwanderweg / Hunsrücker Jakobsweg Hunsrücker Jakobsweg trails, making it the starting point for further hikes. The old montane landscape here provides new insights, with old slate mines, waste heaps and open slate quarries lining the tracks, which lead through brook valleys, along high plateaus, and through mixed forests.

All routes described below start at the display mine’s car park (route). The "Gruben-Wanderweg" (mine trail) and "Schiefer-Wacken-Weg" trail are signposted, but all other routes are not. Our map will quickly show you the interesting places to discover along the way. Please read the safety information if you are hiking through the mining relics.

Gruben-Wanderweg mine trail (7.5/5 kilometres, approx. 200/150 m in altitude)

Informations for the mine trail are located here.

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Schiefer-Wacken-Weg (12 kilometres, approx. 525 m in altitude)

One of the dream loops of the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig trail. More information available on theSaar-Hunsrück-Climb.

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Hike through Rilbersbach/Mertesnaf (7 kilometres, approx. 200 m in altitude)

Past the oldest of Fell’s and Thomm’s mines, waste heaps, and along the picturesque Rilberbach. The return trip visits the Mertesnafer Graben, the largest minefield in the Nossertal Valley.

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There are a number of Geocaches to discover around the display mine. So why not visit it as part of your hunt! Caches may be found at geocaching.com.

You can download selected routes around the display mine and Nossertal Valley in various formats. Please choose the format suitable for your device.